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Pressure Seal Printing

We provide customized print services relative to individual data requirements and development criteria, which in turn are printed on pressure seal paper. Our service is highly specialized in that we scope a potential project thoroughly to ensure all relative data input and printing is completed, according to exact specifications. Additionally, the secure nature of this process requires our team us to map out data specifications into a seamless process involving data development, testing, sampling and sign off as part of the initial set up phase.

The sign off process constitutes a series of processes and spot checks detailing elements and validity of print output data file that we generate. Clients can select the basis and criteria for this approval and in turn ensure 100% accuracy.

The final process once sign off is completed requires sealing and finishing and distribution generally via Australia Post. We can also apply discount barcodes conforming to Australian Post direct mail and clean mail standards.

Businesses can also choose to print in house using any generic type laser printer and then folded and sealed using one of pressure sealing units, tailored to suit the project.